Churches urged to share A Gift of Christmas with their communities


Choosing the right gift for the right person can be a festivenightmare. But churches wishing to bless their communities atChristmas time are being offered a simple and beautifulsolution.

A Gift of Christmas  is a charminglyillustrated 16-page booklet that tells the nativity story throughScripture, prayer, poetry and pictures. It's ideal as a giveawayfor visitors at festive events or Christmas services, to share withpeople on pastoral visits, with family, neighbours or friends.

"Christmas is not just a time to share presents with our nearestand dearest," said the Revd Ken Howcroft, President of theMethodist Conference. "It's also a wonderful opportunity toconsider how we as individuals and communities might be a blessingto those around us through sharing this simple gift of the story atthe heart of the season."

"Many of us struggle with the challenge of sharing the Gospel atChristmas time," added Gill Dascombe, Vice-President of theConference. "Giving A Gift of Christmas  is asimple and gentle way of reminding people of the real story of hopeand joy that can so easily be forgotten in hubbub of the festiveseason."

The brand new edition of the highly popular booklet alsocontains quotations from Pope Benedict XVI and Mother Teresa ofCalcutta. Packs of 50 can be purchased at the price of £5 (plusp&p) from Methodist Publishing online here or by calling 0845 017 8220.

In addition to the paper booklet, people can download AGift of Christmas as a free ebook or PowerPointpresentation, ideal for use before or after churchservices.