Cliff College announces partnership with the Bible Reading Fellowship

Cliff College, Sheffield, one of the training collegesused and supported by the Methodist Church, has announced a newpartnership with the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF).

The BRF is a leading ministry organisation in the United Kingdom,best known for its support, resourcing and enabling of the MessyChurch initiative.

The two organisations hope to develop important training resourcesfor the Church and lay leaders, with a particular focus on sharingthe Christian message.

The partners have previously worked together in providing coursesand resources, and this new announcement solidifies therelationship, enabling further work to be done.

Upcoming projects will include newly developed certificateprogrammes in Bible Engagement, and guest speakers from the BRFspeaking at the annual Cliff Festival, in May.

The Revd Dr Stephen Skuce, Acting Principal of Cliff College andDirector of Scholarship Research and Innovation for the MethodistChurch, said: "We are really pleased that Cliff College is inpartnership with the BRF.

"In recent years, the BRF has helped us to develop excellentmaterials and programmes, such as those for Messy Church, Who Letthe Dads Out? and The Gift of Years.

"These tools have been key in contemporary evangelism in theChurch and solidifying our link together will help us to developfurther resources and opportunities for mission."

Richard Fisher, Chief Executive of the Bible Reading Fellowship,said: "This [partnership] is a natural extension of the work wealready do. We are excited at the prospect of being able to teach,train and impact more people through Cliff's expanding ministry andmission-focused courses."



  • Cliff College is a theological college with an evangelical andmission focus. Historically a Methodist Lay Training college, CliffCollege continues to have strong ties with the Methodist Church,and today offers training to both lay and ordained from diversedenominational backgrounds.
    For more information, please visit: www.cliffcollege.ac.uk
  • The Bible Reading Fellowship is an inter-denomination charitywith a passion to see lives and communities transformed throughdeveloping creative programmes, initiatives and resources.
    For more information, please visit: www.brf.org.uk
  • For interviews please contact:
    Florence Jones at BRF - florence.jones@brf.org.uk /01865 319717
    Cathi Thacker at Cliff College - c.thacker@cliffcollege.ac.uk/ 01246 584221
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