Conference draws to a close after a week of worship

The 2012 Methodist Conference has drawn to a close in Plymouthafter eight days of prayer, worship and debate. The annualConference is the governing body of the Church.

People from all over the world followed the events and businessof the Conference, with live video from the debates streamed overthe Internet on the Methodist Conference website.The top three countries for visitor hits to the Conference websitewere the UK, the US, and Italy. Data covering 30 June - 3 Julyshowed that 3,070 unique IP addresses streamed live footage of theConference. The data also showed that people tuned in to watch theproceedings using tablet computers and smartphones as well aslaptops and desktops. 

Conference members and guests, as well as those watching thelive feed, were encouraged to use the Conference Tumblr blog, Twitter and Facebookto comment on debates and keep up to date with the action. At theConference in 2010 there were a total of 476 tweets across the8 days. In 2011 there were 4,655 tweets. In the first seven days ofthis year's Conference this increased to 5,814. On justone day, 979 tweets were sent to an audience of 72,475followers generating 789,441 impressions. The Conferencewebsite had 5,878 unique visitors from 53 countries generating112,000 page views in the first seven days of theConference. 

Toby Scott, Director of Communications and Campaigns, said: "Weare delighted by the way people are engaging with the Conferencethrough the live video stream and social media, as well as the hardwork done by the members in the hall. The two-way conversation thisgenerates enriches our work as well as helping people to feelconnected to one another and the governing body of theChurch."

The Conference debated major reports on education, dronewarfare, children and young people, the rural work of the ArthurRank Centre and the way forward for the Church's learning anddevelopment networks. The Conference also elected a new Presidentand Vice-President Designate for 2013/14: the Revd Ruth Gee and DrDaleep Mukarji, who will be inducted as the first item of MethodistConference business in London in July 2013.

The Methodist Conference is the governing body of the MethodistChurch, which meets annually to discuss matters affecting the life,work and worship of the Church. This year it met at the PlymouthPavilions, 28 June - 5 July.