Connecting with The Connexional Noticeboard

A new feature on the Methodist website allows Methodistsall over the country to share news and events with other people.This feature enables anyone to post news regarding their localchurch or circuit and publicise upcoming activities in local areas.This will give Methodists the opportunity to be inspired by thegoings on of other circuits and churches.

The news section will allow Methodists to advertise their excitingnew ideas and thoughts that have been put into practice, and toshare what has worked well. It will give people a chance to connectwith others and contribute ideas to help improve their localchurches. When a news section is posted those people will leavetheir contact details so Methodists who are interested can contactthem.

The events section is also an exciting part as this showsMethodists the full range of activities taking place all over theConnexion. Dave Webster, Co-Head of Communications for theMethodist Church, says "You can see what is happening in your localarea or just generally around the country. We think that this is asimple but effective way for people to learn what else is happeningacross the Connexion, and to share their own success stories or toinvite others to join in their celebrations."

This feature is now available for posts right now at: www.methodist.org.uk/local