Connexional Team ‘Bake Off’ raises money for charity

IMG_2074Keen bakersof the Connexional Team took part in a special 'Bake Off'competition on Tuesday 5 April to raise money for the World MissionFund and Mission in Britain Fund.

Over a dozen onlookers gathered to witness the competition, as apanel of judges tasted the culinary treats.

The four categories of the competition were: Biscuits, Sponges,Anything fruit and Anything chocolate. Several entries wereassessed, with the winners including: George Luke's 'DoubleChocolate Cookies' and 'Lemon Drizzle Cake', Naomi Oates' 'Orb andCross Raspberry Tart',  and Karin Farnsworth's 'ChocolateBrownies'.

Over £60 for the two charities was raised as tasters wereencouraged to donate for a slice.

Sanya Strachan, organiser of the event, said: "The idea camereally as just a bit of a joke in the office since we've got somany wonderful bakers! But the more we joked, the more peoplewanted to get involved.

"It was a great teatime break that brought people from acrossthe different parts of the Team together for food, laughter andfun."