David Deeks, General Secretary of The Methodist Church, to retire in 2008

The Revd David Deeks, General Secretary of the Methodist Churchand Secretary of the Methodist Conference, wishes to retire at theend of August 2008. David became the Church's first ever GeneralSecretary on 1 September 2003, and will be 66 when he seeks thepermission of the 2008 Methodist Conference to become supernumerary- the term for Methodist ministers who are leaving activeministry.

As the first General Secretary for the Methodist Church in Britain,David has had to define the role at the same time as fulfilling theneeds that led to its creation. The post of General Secretarywithin the Church is being reviewed, and David felt it best toannounce his intentions early in this process.

David is keen to stress that, although he has now marked his firstday of retirement in the calendar, he is not winding down. 'Thenext 22 months will be amongst the busiest in my ministerialcareer,' he says. 'There are several vitally important pieces ofwork to be completed, and past experience says that there will alsobe unforeseeable issues as well. Although I am looking forward toretiring, I will be working hard until the day before.'

At the October Methodist Council a Review Group was formed toreview the role of General Secretary. This review will also linkinto to existing groups looking at the structure and roles of theMethodist Conference and Council, and of the Connexional Team,which supports and assists the Conference and the wider Church infulfilling the priorities of its mission and worship. These groupswill all report to the Methodist Conference in either 2007 or2008.