Director of Girls' Brigade to step down


GBM_RG Leaving March 2017The Director of Girls'Brigade Ministries and Girls' Brigade (GB) England & Wales,Ruth Gilson, has announced that she'll be stepping down from herrole at the end of August 2017 - to prepare for ordained ministryin the Methodist Church.

Ms Gilson gave the announcement at the GB England &Wales spring conference in Bedford on Saturday (4 March),following more than 17 years of faithful service as theorganisation's Director. 

Speaking of her decision, Ruthsaid: "Recognising times and seasons isimportant in leadership and a key to forward movement in themission of a Christian movement. I feel hugely privileged to havebeen involved in the GB story so far - and am stepping down now, asthe time is right! GB forms a bedrock of faith discovery forgenerations of women. It's enabled hundreds of thousands of girlsto live as confident women in today's world, and I was called to bepart of a season of re-imagining this mission for thefuture.

"Over the past number of years the GB trustees, volunteersand staff team have grappled, with real integrity, over challengingissues of change and development. We've done this to ensure that GBis clear in our sense of vision as a movement andis shaped in such a way that enables us to move forwardeffectively as a 21st century mission of church. I've lovedbeing part of this unfolding story of God's calling on GB for a newgeneration.

"In 2018 GB celebrates 125 years of Christian missionamong girls. I believe our #WeAreGB125 initiative will be acatalyst for significant growth in the church's connection withgirls and young women of this generation, contributing to theHOPE 2018 vision to see the church in the UK grow by 10%. It'shugely exciting to see how God is positioning GB for this, and Iknow this new season will require fresh skills, gifts and resourcesas we move forward. Stepping aside now is all part of this story,and I'm looking forward to cheering GB on from the side in the daysahead!"

Amanda Allchorn, Chairman of GB Ministries (GBM), andJules Murdy, Chairman of GB England & Wales (GBEW), said:"GB has a huge debt of gratitude for the way Ruth has ledGB forward since 2000. She has been a visionary leader, sacrificialwoman of God, and she'll be greatly missed. Many will know thatRuth is already preparing for ordained ministry in the MethodistChurch. It's an exciting new calling and we know she'll blessmany.

"During the next few months the GBEW and GBM Boards will beworking together, to create and advertise a new role for an interimGB director - work is well under way on this. Finally... GB's staffteam and trustees wish Ruth well as she moves on in her ministry.She'll be in our prayers and hearts for many years tocome."


Editor's notes:

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