Education Sunday 2005-2006 set for 12 February

As the new academic year gets under way the Churches are aboutto publish the resources they have prepared for Education Sunday2006. For well over a hundred years there has been an annualrecognition in England and Wales of this Special Sunday as anational day of prayer and celebration for everyone in the world ofeducation.

The next Education Sunday will be on 12 February 2006. This yearthe ecumenical steering group responsible for devising the materialhas focused on the purpose of education for its theme: "Prizes thatLast".

'Sport has been very much in the headlines recently' says GrahamRussell, Methodist Secretary for Residential Schools and a memberof the steering group, 'with London's successful Olympic bid andthe excitement over England's recapturing of the Ashes in cricket.Sometimes education seems like a sporting event. There are newtargets to aim for, new rules, and new trophies to claim. Buteducation is not just about being the best: it has wider purposesthat need to be valued for their own sake Ð the development ofindividual potential and the pursuit of knowledge and truth. StPaul says we should not run aimlessly, but be like athletes Ð withpurpose: listening for God's word, which fits us for life andprepares us for the ultimate prize.'