Education Sunday theme is Come and See

The Church's interest in education is not just a matter offaith schools and colleges. For many Christians, their engagementwith the world of education can best be explained in terms of asense of vocation in which teachers, administrators and others seekto be followers of Jesus. Hardly surprising when we encounter theinspirational model of Jesus the teacher. The focus of EducationSunday this year is "Come and See", the challenging invitation thatJesus issued to his earliest disciples to learn more aboutHim.

Graham Russell, Chair of the Ecumenical Steering Group responsiblefor preparing this year's material says: "Today we are still askedto recognise and respond to Jesus. To come and see, but also to goand tell. As we celebrate education, we look to be attentive toJesus' teaching and the impact of living out his example in ourlives. We remember the gift of teaching and learning that sustainscommunities around the world as they grow from generation togeneration".

For well over a hundred years there has been an annual recognitionin England and Wales of Education Sunday as a "special" Sunday, anational day of prayer and celebration for everyone in the world ofeducation. The resources that have been prepared for those planningworship forthis occasion have been sent to many congregations andschools. They are also available through many church and ecumenicalwebsites. The aim of Education Sunday is to encourage congregationsto think prayerfully about the world of education in all itsaspects, and the countless people who are involved with it.

The resources are available from our website: www.educationsunday.org