Egging on Easter with a seasonal gift

The Methodist Church is aspiring to spread the hope of Easter inthe form of an inspirational booklet telling the Easterstory.

The richly illustrated A Gift of Easter is filled with encouragingwords from the Bible, as well as prayers and reflections. It alsofeatures popular prints from the Methodist Art Collection.

Revd Alison Tomlin, President of the Methodist Conference, said:"Easter is about God's love, it's about discovering the cost andrejoicing in the gift. I trust this booklet will help people to dojust that.

"The A Gift Of series is simple, attractive and accessible. Thepricing means that even small church communities can afford to givethem away. I highly recommend A Gift of Easter to everyone."

The booklet is the third in the A Gift Of series. A pack of 50booklets costs £5 (including postage and packaging). Copies can beordered from Methodist Publishing on 01733 235962 and online atwww.methodistpublishing.org.ukClicks:1 (CTR 50%) .

A free PowerPoint version will soon be available atwww.methodist.org.uk/gift and on the Twelve Baskets website atwww.twelvebaskets.co.uk