Former Vice-President awarded Lambeth Cross for contribution to ecumenism


A former Vice-President of the Methodist Conference(2002-2003) and Emeritus Professor of Clinical Medicine at theUniversity of Leeds, Professor Peter Howdle, has been awarded theLambeth Cross for Ecumenism by the Archbishop of Canterbury, theMost Revd Justin Welby (pictured).

Professor Howdle received the award for "his outstandingcontribution to Anglican-Methodist relations" following hisdedication to the cause over the past 15 years.

Following the signing of an Anglican-Methodist Covenant betweenthe Church of England and the Methodist Church, in 2003 Peter wasappointed co-chair of the Joint Implementation Commission (JIC),which sought to develop Anglican-Methodist relations.

Through his continued efforts Anglican-Methodist relations haveshown significant improvement over the years and he is nowdeveloping proposals for the interchangeability of ministry betweenthe two Traditions through the Joint Faith and Order Ministry andOversight Group.

On receiving the award, Professor Howdle said: "I'mdelighted to receive this award and feel very honoured. I feel thatit reflects the importance of the work of the JIC and is agreat encouragement to local ecumenism.

"The joint Faith and Order bodies of our Churches have beenworking out the practical implications of the recommendations andtheir report will be published later this summer. If eventuallyaccepted by both Churches, we shall be 'in communion' with eachother, allowing for a much closer working together in our missionto the community and to the nation."

The Revd Anne Brown, Chair of the Methodist Leeds District,said: "The District is delighted to hear of this honour and areproud of the contribution Professor Howdle has made towardsecumenism on behalf of the Methodist Church."