Freedom Project to 10 Downing Street

29 March 2023

freedom-project-number-10-2On Wednesday 22nd March, Mark North had the privilege of attending the Community Champions event at No 10 Downing Street where he met the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak.  Mark is CEO of the Freedom Project in Bolsover, Derbyshire.

The Freedom project was set up in 2008 to support people who are struggling with poverty in Bolsover. Since then it has grown across the North East Midlands and now has seven support centres. Based at Hillstown Methodist Church, their mission is to provide activities that are low cost or free at point of use, to support people who live in deprived areas and to show the love of Jesus in action.

The Community Champions event was held by the Prime Minister to celebrate and thank those who strive to make their communities a better place. Mark was invited by the MP for Bolsover, Mark Fletcher.

Mark North commented, “I never thought I would get the opportunity to go beyond the black door but once inside, 10 Downing Street is a unique and special place.  It is like entering a grand stately home with people rushing around and carrying out their duties.  We were moved through to the State Rooms where we met a multitude of people, from all over the country, who work tirelessly for their communities. I met the Prime Minister. It was an absolute privilege to speak with him and share the history of Freedom, the importance of our work within our community and beyond and our vision for the future.”

“Freedom is a charity that supports people across Derbyshire and the surrounding areas who are struggling with debt, benefit, housing, and mental health issues. We try to provide, in holistic ways, opportunities for people to move forward with their life.  Everything we do is based around Café’s where people can come and sit, be at home and get out of the cold. With the Cost-of-Living crisis upon us it is an opportunity for people to get their issues sorted.

Mark Fletcher MP, commented, “I had the pleasure of inviting Mark North, Founder and CEO of the Freedom Community Project to 10 Downing Street for an event recognising our Community Champions, hosted by the Prime Minister, to celebrate members of the community who make our constituencies a better place to live and work.

“The Freedom Project follows a clear mission, based on their Christian principles, to care for the most vulnerable regardless of race, religion, or sexual preference. Mark is an absolute credit to the Bolsover Constituency, and he is the personification of a Community Champion.”