Future plans for MAYC sports

The Sports Programme run by MAYC will change later this year toensure that it meets the needs of modern youth work. The changingnature of young people's lives mean that recently there has beenless interest in the district and regional competitions and moreactivity on an informal, local level. The aim of the change is toensure the MAYC Sports Programme continues to bring the widestbenefit to the most young people.

Mike Seaton, MAYC National Youth Secretary: "A May meeting ofthe Council for Methodist Youth work decided to wind up the currentMAYC Sports Programme. The Programme has existed in its currentform since the 1960s and the Council felt that it no longer meetsthe needs of the majority of MAYC groups. As a result the currentsports programmes will come to an end by 31 August 2004, apart fromthe volleyball weekend scheduled for September. The Council forMethodist Youth Work expressed its deep appreciation to all membersof the management team for what they had done over the years. Manyyoung people have found their way into the life of faith and thewider church through participation in MAYC Sports and for this wegive thanks to God."

"However, this decision does not mark the end of sportsprogrammes within MAYC's work. The plan is that in the future thesports programmes will diversify, and an important feature of thiswill be that young people will have a key role in determining thefuture direction. The aim is to produce a Sports Programme thatoffers greater diversity, integrates sport into the wider work ofMAYC and is manageable within the restraints of currentresources.

"The Sports Programme has been an important part of MAYC'sactivities, and will continue to be so. For example, at the recentBreakout in Blackpool there were 27 football teams of mixed, ages,gender and ability in a league competition, and we look forward tomany more such enjoyable sports events under the MAYC banner in thefuture.

"MAYC will host an open forum in the autumn for any interestedmembers to explore a new format for the Sports Programme. Allcurrent members of the Sports management group will be invited tojoin this forum and any other interested parties are also welcome.Anyone interested in taking part in this should contact Val Lovett,MAYC Office Co-ordinator.

"MAYC is tremendously grateful to all who have worked with theSports Programme. It has made a huge contribution to the lives of agreat number of young people, and this would not have been possiblewithout the efforts of many."