Girls Brigade headquarters moves to Methodist college site

The Girls' Brigade England and Wales (GB) is moving itsheadquarters to Cliff College - one of the Methodist Church's keycentres for formation, learning and development.

The move will mean that the Girls' Brigade will become part of avibrant community of faith and mission at Cliff College. The Girls'Brigade will also have access to the college's many facilities foractivities and gatherings when they move to the site in the springof 2014.

Chris Blake, Principal of Cliff College, said: "We are verypleased that the Girls' Brigade has identified Cliff College as theright place for the next stage in their life and ministry. Thecollege campus will provide a great base for their developingmission work. I believe that the college's conference and meetingfacilities, our ability to work with others to develop excellenttraining opportunities and our central location with good transportlinks, both nationally and internationally, were all importantfactors in this decision."

The Revd Leo Osborn, Chair of the Ministries Committee, said:"We are delighted at the decision of the Girls' Brigade to movetheir office to Cliff College and hope it will continue to fosteran ever-closer working relationship between our two organisations.We will keep Girls' Brigade staff and partners in our prayers asthey make the transition to the new premises."

Ruth Gilson, The National Director of the Girls' Brigade, said:"This exciting and bold move will take place just as Girls' Brigaderounds up celebrations for its 120th year in local church mission.The Girls' Brigade is thrilled to be taking this new step as partof the continuing story of God at work through the mission."