Give a small miracle this Christmas and change someones world

The Methodist Relief and Development Fund launches itsfirst alternative gift scheme.

This Christmas, camels won't just be featuring in the nativitystory - they are also among a range of alternative Christmas giftsavailable from the Methodist Relief and Development Fund(MRDF).

Camels are the most valuable form of livestock in desert conditionsand are a vital part of an exciting MRDF project that helps nomadiccommunities in Northern Kenya. "When there is no water, camels canstay home with us and provide us with nutritious milk," explains80-year-old Naporo Keupun, whose community will benefit. "They canalso carry us when we are too weak to walk."

The new Christmas alternative gifts range does not just includecamels. It also covers mosquito nets to protect against malaria inMali, mango trees for farmers in Uganda and many more of the 'smallmiracles' that contribute to MRDF's work overseas. A colourfulfridge magnet representing each gift is provided for the giver tosend instead of a conventional Christmas gift. This selection ofgifts can be used as a focus for churches for their Christmasfundraising, as well as for individual Christmas shopping.

MRDF's Supporter Relations Director, Amanda Norman, says:"Alternative gifts are a fun way for people to connect withdevelopment work taking place in the world's poorest countries. Wehope that by giving or receiving an MRDF gift this Christmas,people will be inspired to see how they can be part of making smallmiracles possible."

Christmas catalogues are available free of charge from MRDF, 25Marylebone Road, London NW1 5JR or by calling 020 7467 5132.Alternative gifts can also be purchased securely at www.mrdf.org.uk and range from apocket-money-sized £5 to a more substantial £115.