Give the Gift of Peace

Christians are being encouraged to share a little peace withtheir neighbours, in the form of a new booklet from the MethodistChurch.

Lavishly illustrated, A Gift of Peace features encouraging wordsfrom the Bible as well as reflections on peace from a variety ofauthors including Lao Tzu, Benjamin Franklin and Mother Theresa ofCalcutta.

Revd Alison Tomlin, President of the Methodist Conference, said:"In the midst of an increasingly chaotic and unsettled world, weall need God's peace more than ever. We hope that this booklet willenrich the way we think and pray about peace and will help peopleto make a little more space in their lives for reflection."

Churches are encouraged to share the reflections as well as usingthem for personal or small group study.

A Gift of Peace is available as a PowerPoint presentation, whichis free to download from the Methodist website here: www.methodist.org.uk/powerpoint.

The booklet heralds the re-launch of the popular In Your Pocketseries under the new title A Gift of.... This completely revisededition contains brand new images and quotations on peace, butretains the look and feel of its predecessor.

Other planned titles in the series include A Gift of Love, A Giftof Easter and A Gift of Christmas.