Headsup 4 a gr8 nu free txt service

The first of its kind in the UK, mctxt4u is a new regulartexting service for 9 to 13 year-olds. Launched byMethodistChildren, the service aims to keep children in touch withwhat's going on in the world, give them food for thought and helpthem to get more involved in church life.

From 4 October, children who subscribe to the service will receivetexts under 8 different topics: Links, UrWorld, Challenge, World,Action, Prayer, DaBuzz and Headsup. To sign up, they can simplytext JOIN to 07786205203 and it's absolutely free.

Penny Fuller, MethodistChildren 9-13 Project Worker, said that;'With over 90% of 12 year-olds now owning a mobile phone, this is agreat way to reach young people. Church can sometimes seem boringor irrelevant to young people and we want to show them that thereare loads of exciting ways to get involved. We hope that bycovering a variety of issues and even by setting the odd challenge,we can help them engage with a whole host of topics and think aboutwhat being Christian means for them'.

Users of the service can respond to any of the texts they receivefrom mctxt4u by having their say on DaBlab Ð the bulletin board inthe brand new 9-13s section of the MethodistChildren website (www.methodistchildren.org.uk).The new look website has much more to offer, including the latestfilm and music reviews, puzzles, BrainEacs activities (puzzles andgames), a prayer page and much more. There will also be a chancefor children to find out what's going on around to world and toshare their own stories.

Penny said, 'There'll be loads more to see and do on the site. Asit continues to develop and grow, we're looking for groups andindividuals to get involved, let us know what they'd like to seeand even to contribute their own material. It's their website, soit should be done their way'.

The website also has an area for children under 12, with lots todo, including fun and games, a storybook and even a gallery forchildren to submit their own pictures. But it's not all for thechildren; children's workers have their own section of the site,with an activity page for leaders, resources, training informationand a bulletin board.