HIV/AIDS booklet helps church groups to be better informed

New resource published ahead of World AIDS Day on 1December

Speak Out About HIV/AIDS has beenproduced in time for World AIDS Day on 1 December. 

On this day, the Christian Churches are encouraging theirmembers to pray for the 42 million people currently living withHIV/AIDS. This number includes 3.2 million children aged 15 orunder and 19.2 million women (adults 38.6 million). In 2002, whenthe latest figures were gathered, there were 3.1 million deaths and5 million people newly infected.

The Methodist Church in Britain, through generous giving to theMethodist Church Funds for World and Home Mission, supports manywho work in hospices, health care and chaplaincies. To date £20,000has been raised for the Love Box scheme organised by the MethodistChurch of Southern Africa. Stories and details are available fromthe Mission Education office, Methodist Church House, 25 MaryleboneRoad, London NW1 5JR. Tel: 020 7486 5502.

Earlier this year The World Church Report on HIV/AIDS said:"Within churches HIV/AIDS needs to be talked about honestly andopenly by all members of the church. Church leaders must includeHIV/AIDS in their theology in a way that will increase people'sawareness and decrease stigma and discrimination against thoseaffected by HIV/AIDS and enable people to give care and comfort tothose affected." 

Resources for worship have also been produced this year byChristian Aid - Travellers Tales: Journeying Alongside PeopleWith HIV - and the Church of Scotland - Taking Off OurRose Coloured Glasses. Both these resources provide materialfor worship, prayers, stories, reflections and a choice of hymnsand songs that churches may like to incorporate in worship on 30November or 7 December. Available from: Christian Aid, PO Box95, Aldershot, Hampshire GU12 4BR. Tel: 08700 787788; or the Churchof Scotland, 121 George Street Edinburgh EH2 4YN. Tel: 0131 2255722

For more information please contact the MissionEducation office Tel: 020 7467 5116