Hold fast to hope for Prisons Week

Churches across Great Britain are being encouraged to hold special services and events to mark Prisons Week from 15-21 November.

The theme for Prisons Week this year is Hold Fast to Hope, encouraging Christians to focus on real stories of hope and redemption from around the world.

Revd David Gamble, President of the Methodist Conference, said; "Prisons week reminds us of the harsh realities of crime and imprisonment, but it also speaks of hope in dark places. This is a time to pray for those in prison and those affected by crime as we seek a better future for all. It's also a time to give thanks for and remember the contribution made by chaplains to the lives of those living and working in prisons."

The Prisons Week website (www.prisonsweek.org) offers a range of free resources, including prayers, sketches and stories of hope from the UK and further afield. More resources are also available through the Methodist website.

Revd Alan Ogier, Superintendent Methodist and Free Church Chaplain to the Prison Service, said; "The Christian message is one of real hope for all - not just shallow optimism. This is a solid belief that no one is beyond redemption, that change can and does happen."

You can listen to an interview with Alan about the reality of prison life online here.