Hope is coming this advent

A free advent resource,'Keeping Hope Alive', has been released today by the MethodistChurch.

Focusing on the significant works of the Methodist Church'sMission in Britain Fund, the free resources include real-lifestories, leader's notes, a service outline and suggestedprayers.

One such story comes from Laura, who came across the ParsonCross Initiative (PXI), a Mission in Britain funded project,following a period of severe bi-polar illness. Separated from hertwo children, her job, her home and her support network, Laura wasisolated and vulnerable; until last year when she joined an artgroup run by PXI.

Speaking about the project, Laura said "The people running PXIoffered me acceptance, friendship, practical support, home-cookedsoup and love. Sometimes hope is like a candle flame that hasalmost gone out; it doesn't go out, but sometimes I need friends toremind me that it is still there."

Laura is now actively involved in the art group, creativewriting group, gardening club and is about to become a member ofher local Methodist church.

Since last year's Advent Offering resource, 'Watching andWaiting', generous giving to Mission in Britain has allowed theMethodist Church to support more than 20 projects like the ParsonCross Initiative across the UK.

The Revd Steven Wild, President of the Methodist Conference,added "The excellent 'Keeping Hope Alive' resource is a greatopportunity to see just a snippet of the good works done acrossBritain by the Methodist Church. Putting on an Advent Offeringservice is one way in which you can help support others and getinvolved."

If you would like to put on an Advent Offering service in yourchurch, you can find out more information and register your eventat www.methodist.org.uk/advent.