Join the Trafalgar Squaredance this Sunday

This Sunday a church organist will be taking to TrafalgarSquare's fourth plinth with the simple aim of making London happywith music.

For one hour only, from 6pm on Sunday 13 September, Peter Harding,from Solihull will play the accordion to tourists, passers-by andother visitors to London's Trafalgar Square. Listeners will betreated to a varied playlist, including folk music, Handel, ragtimeand hymns, culminating with the theme tune of Radio 4's TheArchers.

Peter said; "Busking seems to suit me, as it is what I do everySunday morning at the organ console, and I hope that I'll also beable to persuade those standing by to do a little barn dancing inthe square. I plan to play the accordion for an hour to make Londonhappy, although they may be happier when I stop. I'm a self-taughtaccordion player, and maybe skipped a few too many classes!"

Peter is one of 2,400 people who will appear on the fourth plinthbetween 6 July and 14 October 2009, picked from more than 33,400applicants for sculptor Anthony Gormley's One and Otherproject.

Those who can't make it to Trafalgar Square can join the dancevirtually by visiting www.oneandother.co.uk, towatch the plinth live.

Peter has been the organist and choirmaster for Acocks GreenMethodist Church in Birmingham for 25 years. Since he'll be havinga whale of a time, Peter invites those who appreciate his music tomake donations to the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) - www.hwdt.org.