Joint Statement from Faith Community Leaders in High Wycombe following recent arrests under anti-terrorism legislation

"As representatives of the Christian and Muslim communities ofHigh Wycombe, we are united in our sense of shock, disbelief andpain at the unfolding events of last week.

"We are from different faith traditions, but are one community.High Wycombe has a long history of multiculturalism and good racerelations, and we are proud to live together as neighbours andfriends.

"At this time of uncertainty, we find reassurance in the corevalues that unite us. In particular, we reaffirm our commitment tothe enduring principles of peace, justice and truth. All human lifeis of infinite value and we abhor the loss or threat of loss oflife, wherever that occurs.

"We urge politicians and the media to be judicious in their use oflanguage at a time of heightened sensitivities - to considercarefully what will contribute to and what will undermine healingin our community and the restoration of mutual trust andrespect.

"We have a common vision for our town - of a place of tolerance,harmony and reconciliation. Over the coming weeks, we are committedto working together to ensure that that vision is a reality, andinvite everyone to join us in this endeavour."

Signed by:
Rev David Picken, Vicar, All Saints Parish Church
Imam Sultan Mahmood, Totteridge Mosque
Rev Michael Hughes, Superintendent minister, High Wycombe MethodistCircuit
Cllr Rafiq Raja, Chairman of Muslim Parents Association
Father Willie Strain, Saint Augustine's RC Church
Hon Burgess A.D.K. Raja
Rebecca Hickman, Wycombe Sharing of Faiths
Amjad Iqbal, Trustee, Wycombe Islamic Society
Chaudry Shafique, Head of Equal Opportunities & CommunityDevelopment, BCUC, and Vice Chair of Wycombe Racial IncidentsGroup