Keepin It Real aims to help children through the challenges of modern life

A resource book for children and youth leaders aims tohelp 9 to 13-year-olds focus on the issues of respect, reputationand conflict.

Keepin' It Real is produced by the Methodist Church and ecumenicalchildren's charity CURBS. It is aimed for use with 9 to13-year-olds and addresses four main topics: communication,reputation, conflict and negotiation as they effect young peopletoday.

Keepin' It Real comes at a time when the Government is askingschools to help teach children good manners and behaviour, and alsoto help them deal with anxiety, anger and conflicts.

Penny Fuller from MethodistChildren says "there are lots ofresources to help young people deal with topics like sexuality anddrugs, but not to help with less tangible things like reputation.Yet we frequently hear that some teenagers are carrying weaponseither for self-protection or 'Street Cred', and we see in the newsthe terrible consequences this can have. Keepin' It Real aims tohelp young people deal with these situations in very practicalways."

Charity CURBS specialises in working with children in urbansituations, and its experience enriches the practical wisdomoffered by Keepin' It Real. But, says Penny, it does not only applyto inner cities. "Children and teenagers everywhere are undertremendous pressure. Keepin' It Real will help equip them to dealwith difficult situations. Everyone gains when young people canfind their way through life."