Let's talk about sex, say Methodist youth

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Young Methodists have challenged the Church to be more open andwilling to discuss issues of sexual identity, pornography andsexual relationships in a report to the Methodist Conference.

The Children and Youth Assembly report, which was presented tothe Conference today, highlighted the need for open discussions oncontemporary views of sexuality among other key areas of concernfor young people within the Church. 

Presenting the report to the Conference, Methodist YouthPresident Megan Thomas said"Sex is an important topic for youngpeople, but despite the Church often having strong views on sexrelated issues, they are rarely talked about or discussed openly.It is important that if we are going to hold moral positions onsexual issues in the Church, then we need to be willing to talkabout them freely and honestly. Discussions about sex-relatedissues are especially important for youth groups, as the Churchneeds to provide information for children and young people thatthey may otherwise not receive."

Alongside calls for openness to discussions on pornography andsexual relationships, the topic of transgender was particularlyhighlighted as an area which needs further discussions in asensitive way.

Megan added"People are beginning to take transgender moreseriously and we recognise that the Methodist Church still has somework to do in discussing the questions transgender raises and howwe can be inclusive in an issue that has the potential fordisagreement. We believe that the first step to addressing thetopic is to begin with conversation in an informative and sensitiveway."

Other issues that the report highlights include
- the need for an all-inclusive worship accessible and applicablefor all ages.
- church discussions on attitudes towards alcohol and clubculture.
- community action and radical Christian living.

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