Letter from the Police

The following letter is from the Deputy AssistantCommissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Neil Basu QPM, forthe attention of all church congregations in theUK. 

The letter details advice and guidance on personalsecurity and security for places of worship as well as informationon the Home Office's new scheme offering funding for protectivesecurity measures. This additional fund of £2.4 million is runningfor 8 weeks only. For more information and how to apply click here.




Dear Church Leader


Following the terrible murder of Father Jacques Hamel in Francetoday, and the attack on his congregation our thoughts are withtheir loved ones, his congregation, community and once again thepeople of France. We are again reminded of the indiscriminatenature of terrorism and the brutal and senseless actions of thesecriminals.

Other recent attacks have focussed on innocent people enjoyingtheir freedoms, celebrating with their loved ones, and going abouttheir daily business side by side with other communities of everyfaith creed and colour.

The police have been working with church leaders here in the UKto establish a communication network through which reassurance andguidance to the Christian community can be passed. This is aterrible tragedy but we must use it to test our ability tocommunicate to this wider network and I want to offer the followingadvice.

Church leaders and their congregations here in the UK shouldremain alert not alarmed. There is no currentintelligence to suggest any attack planning of this nature in thiscountry.  However I know these are troubling times and itmakes sense for all church leaders to review their security plansand to encourage their flock to be vigilant. Any suspiciousbehaviour should be reported immediately through 999 or theanti-terrorist hotline 0800 789 321.

Advice and guidance on personal security and security for placesof worship, as with many other locations, can be found here http://www.gov.uk/government/publications/counter-terrorism-protective-security-advice-for-places-of-worship on the National Counter Terrorism website.

In addition to this advice, commencing today, the Home Officeare running a scheme for 8 weeks offering funding for protectivesecurity measures subject to application. Detailed information onhow to apply can be found here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/places-of-worship-security-funding-scheme

Can I also encourage you all to forge close links with yourlocal police commanders who will be able to advise you further onsensible safety precautions. I know many of you will already have astrong relationship in place.

Additional advice can be found on NaCTSO website http://www.nactso.gov.uk
Run Hide Tell:  http://www.gov.uk/government/publications/stay-safe-film
Suzy Lamplugh Trust: http://www.suzylamplugh.org/ 

Thank You


Neil Basu QPM
Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Specialist Operations.