Lost in Wonder: Cyberspace meets ancient ways

A new online space invites visitors to join a pilgrimage ofdiscovery, freeing the mind from clutter, calming the spirit andstrengthening awareness of and openness to God.

Based on an ancient design, www.lostinwonder.org.ukis an online labyrinth that invites visitors on a spiritual journeyof encounter and challenge. A labyrinth is an ancient spiritualresource and a metaphor for the spiritual journey into death andout again into life. Working with David Webster, the MethodistChurch's Website Manager, the Pastoral Care and Spirituality Teamhave developed it to be available to people across and beyondMethodism.

Lost in Wonder has ten interactive 'stations' that can be visitedin any order, each with images, a Bible text, a prayer and aguiding voice leading the guest into the theme of that place. Someof the stations reflect on the priorities of the Methodist Church -worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism - while othersconsider different aspects and expressions of spirituality.

The Revd Michaela Youngson, Methodist Secretary for Pastoral Careand Spirituality said; 'A labyrinth is an ancient way to journeydeeper into God's presence and then to travel out again into God'sworld. This is a place of change and challenge as well as rest andcontemplation. We hope that people will find in it a freedom thathelps them to connect with others who want to learn about God'slove'.

One station, exploring the theme of God's presence and action inthe world, gives the visitor the opportunity to draw a picture oftheir own experience of God's presence. This is then added to anonline gallery so that people can enjoy and be inspired by theartwork of other guests. Those who wish to respond to what theyhave experienced within the Labyrinth will find suggestions, linksand resources at the end of their journey.