Love it or hate it - what do you think about church worship?

Is your church worship dull? It is lively? Is it stuck in thepast, or is it so far into the future that only the very youngenjoy it? Whatever the answer, The Methodist Church wants to know,and wants you to tell it to the camera.

As part of its upcoming Heart Of Worship event, the Church wantspeople to send in short video clips saying what they like ordislike about worship. The clips will be complied into apresentation to be shown at the event, which takes place inLlandudno on 4-7 May. Some places are still available for theevent.

'We want as many people to send in clips as possible,' says theRevd Michaela Youngson, Methodist Secretary for Pastoral Care andSpirituality and one of the organisers of Heart Of Worship. 'And wewant people to be brutally honest about what they like or dislike.Heart of Worship aims to encourage those who preach and leadworship to improve services, and there is no harm in seeing whatpeople currently think. It will be challenging to us all, but thatis good. And we hope as many people as possible will come to bechallenged, to learn and to share.'

Clips can be taken from any source, from expensive video camerasdown to camera phones. 'People's honest opinions matter more thanthe technical quality' says Michaela, 'and we want to hear from thewidest range of ages, locations and backgrounds. Worship is at theheart of Christian life, and we should not be afraid to changewhilst retaining the best of the past. This year we celebrateCharles Wesley's 300th birthday, and the enduring popularity of hishymns has a lot to teach us. But there are also so many great newideas to share when we gather in May. Through the video clips wewant people who can't join us in Llandudno to make their voicesheard as well.'

Notes and links:

1) Video clips should be no more than one minute in length, andpeople can send as many as they want. They should be sent to KeithBrews, Reelife, Laverick Hall, Halton, Lancashire, LA1 2PW or byemail to keith@reelife.org.uk

2) Heart of Worship takes place at the Venue Cymru, Llandudno, on4-7 May 2007. More information, including a full programme and abooking form can be found at Heart of Worship 2007