Major Churches join call for tough action on climate change

The Government's new Energy Bill must prioritise lowcarbon power, say five of Britain's major Churches.

In a statement published in today's Financial Times, theBaptist Union of Great Britain, Church of Scotland, MethodistChurch, Quakers and United Reformed Church join other majororganisations in calling on the Government to make Britain alow-carbon economy.

The full statement reads:

"The Energy Bill represents a major opportunity to put theUK firmly on track to becoming a world leading low-carbon economy,boost employment and show genuine leadership in the fight againstdangerous climate change. Our organisations jointly call on Membersof Parliament to seize this unique opportunity to commit the UK inthe Energy Bill to have a near carbon free power sector by 2030, inline with the recommendations of the Committee on ClimateChange.

"We represent different parts of society but are united inthe belief that a low-carbon power sector is essential to securethe future wellbeing of our economy, our environment and futuregenerations."

"We can't keep burning gas and coal as if climate changedoesn't exist," said Steve Hucklesby, Public Issues Policy Adviserfor the Methodist Church. "By acting decisively now, the Governmentcan set a clear course for generating cleaner energy and ensure amore sustainable future for us all."


  1. Additional quote: Paul Parker, Recording Clerk for Quakers inBritain said: "Quakers around Britain are campaigning for a fairand green energy economy. This energy bill is our best opportunityto secure a low-carbon future."
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