MAYC launches new logo, name and website

MAYC, the youth section of the Methodist Church, has agreed thatit will now be known as "MAYC - Supporting Youth Work in theMethodist Church."

MAYC will no longer known as Methodist Association of YouthClubs. This acknowledges that in the sixty years since itsfoundation MAYC has evolved and has moved away from its initialpresence in youth clubs to a much wider role, which includes youthdevelopment and training courses, campaigns work and various musicprojects.

MAYC's new logo represents a cross/plus sign, showing thepositive effects of being part of MAYC while conveying the centralfocus of Christ in the work and ministry. As part of these changesMAYC will launch its new integrated website highlighting the rangeof work being carried out. The comprehensive site will includeresources to read and download, campaign and worship material,policy information, ideas-exchange, a national events guide andmany useful links to various organisations and groups around thecountry and beyond. MAYC's site goes live on Youth Sunday 21November 2004.

MAYC celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2005 and will be markingthis milestone with a variety of events including:

6:T Invest - 14 May 2005: a Garden Party at Chester House,London

6:T Intense - 15-17 July 2005: National Weekend, Cliff College,Derbyshire

6:T Inspire - 16-18 September 2005: Weekend bash, at TruroSchool, Cornwall