Message of solidarity sent to African Methodist Episcopal Church

The President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conferencehave sent a letter of solidarity to the African Methodist EpiscopalChurch following the killing of nine people at a church inCharleston, South Carolina. 

In their letter the Revd Kenneth Howcroft and Ms Gill Dascombeexpress their horror and sadness over the killings. 

The full message and a prayer follow:

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

We are horrified and deeply saddened to hear of the vicious killingof nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church inCharleston, South Carolina. The hearts of the members of theMethodist Church in Great Britain go out to the families andfriends of those killed; to the Church; and to the widercommunities in Charleston. We thank God for the lives of those whohave died. We thank God and pray for you all in these difficulttimes; and will try to pray for the killer and any of similar mind.We will stand alongside you all in bewilderment, grief and, aboveall, prayer. May God bless you all.

Gracious God,
When sudden death makes the world go dark,
help us to mourn with those who mourn,
to hunger and thirst for righteousness with them,
and to be peacemakers in a violent world.
Where our minds seem confused,
our spirits disordered,
and the world in chaos,
may your Spirit bring order,
and the blessing of hope.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

The Revd Kenneth Howcroft
President of the Conference 2014-15   

Gill Dascombe
Vice-President of the Conference 2014-15