Methodist Central Hall Westminster turns blue to mark 70 years of UN


To mark 70 years since the founding of the United Nations, MethodistCentral Hall Westminster, the first meeting place of the UnitedNations General Assembly, will be turning blue on Saturday 24October.

To celebrate UN day, Central Hall will be joining iconicmonuments, buildings, statues, bridges and other internationallandmarks in being bathed in blue lights. Pictures will bebroadcast across the world through social media under the hash tag#UN70.

Methodist Central Hall Westminster has a specialsignificance in the history of the UN having hosted the first evermeeting of the United Nations General Assembly in 1946.

As well as turning blue, Central Hall is holding a unique'UNEARTH Exhibition' for eight weeks, celebrating the achievementsand history of the UN over the past 70 years. 

Revd Dr Martyn Atkins, Superintendent of Central Hall said"It was entirely fitting that a body devoted to fostering andfacilitating international cooperation should have begun its lifein a place dedicated to the service of God. Almost 70 years on, weare delighted to join with other buildings across the world tocelebrate the vast achievements of the United Nations in such avisible and dramatic way. We express our heartfelt thanks to the UNfor all that has been achieved and join people throughout the worldin prayer for the UN's current and future work androle."