Methodist Chapel takes leading role in Poldark series 2

The New Room (John Wesley's Chapel) in Broadmead, Bristol, isthe location for some of the most dramatic scenes in Poldark series2. The long awaited second season of the hit show returns to BBC1on September 4th.

Top secret filming took place at the chapel, which is the oldestMethodist building in the world, in October 2015. The18th-century building was transformed into a courtroom,where Ross Poldark  goes on trial accused of murder, wreckingand inciting a riot. Series 1, screened last year, ended on adramatic cliffhanger when he was arrested (actually on the Cornishcliffs) by soldiers.  The chapel is expected to featurein the first episodes of the series as Ross is brought totrial.

The team from production company Mammoth Screen had tocompletely hide all modern trappings in the chapel before filmingcould go ahead. This meant removing electric light fittings andbulbs, covering radiators and removing all modern signage.

The chapel was then transformed into a courtroom complete withdock, tables for the prosecution and the defence, with the pulpittaking the role of the judge's seat.

Stars including Aidan Turner (Ross Poldark), Eleanor Tomlinson(Demelza) and Kyle Soller (Francis) all featured in the dramaticcourtroom scenes, as well as Heida Reed (Elizabeth), Phil Davis(Jud) and Beatie Edney (Prudie).

New characters in Series 2, Unwin Trevaunance, played by W1A'sHugh Skinner and Caroline Penvenen, played by Gabriella Wilde, alsofeature in the scenes.

Manager of the New Room, David Worthington, said: "Poldark isset in the 18th century so even though we are in Bristolrather than in Cornwall, the building fitted perfectly as thelocation for Ross's trial.

"All the staff enjoyed meeting the cast and crew and we hopethat everyone will enjoy seeing the New Room on screen, especiallyin such dramatic scenes."

'The Methodies' of Cornwall are often referenced in the Poldarkbooks by Winston Graham. Founder of the New Room, John Wesley,visited to Cornwall  thirty-two times between 1743 to 1787 andpreached the Christian gospel many times, often to miners,fishermen and their families.

Initially Wesleyan Methodism flourished in Cornwall - but in1815 a distinctively south-west kind of Methodism emerged, theBible Christians.  When the mining trade in Cornwallcollapsed, many miners emigrated taking their skills, Methodism andCornish pasties to mines worldwide, but especially Australia andCanada.


You can read family histories at www.mybiblechristians.org.uk 
To find out more about Methodist heritage in general, please visitwww.methodistheritage.org.ukor the Church's  website www.methodist.org.uk


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