Methodist Church adds Spirituality post

The Revd Michaela Youngson will start work on September 1 asMethodist Secretary for Pastoral Care and Spirituality. This newpost will ensure that the Church responds to the growing interestin spirituality in all its forms in Britain.

Michaela, who was born on Christmas Day in Cornwall, has workedas a minister in Lancashire since 1995. Prior to that she workedfor Traidcraft, British Aerospace and the civil service beforeministerial training in Birmingham.

Michaela will report to the Revd Jonathan Kerry, CoordinatingSecretary for Worship and Learning. Jonathan says "It seems thateveryone is interested in 'spirituality' these days, with no end ofoptions to chose from - books, videos, courses and cures of everyimaginable kind! It's a big business and not all of it iswell-founded or beneficial. This appointment is an attempt by theMethodist Church to help people discover a form of spiritualitythat is genuinely Christian. We believe that people need to developspiritually if they are to be fully human as God intended."

Michaela will work as part of the Pastoral Care and ChristianEducation (PCCE) office. She will be in touch with many differentparts of the Church, including groups working with women, children,young people, creative arts and adult learning. Michaela says thatshe is excited by the challenge of the new role. "I am committed tohelping people make sense of their spiritual journeys in thecontext of their everyday experiences," she says, "and to deepentheir relationship with God through reflection and action. It is avery exciting time to be exploring spirituality and I am lookingforward to being part of the PCCE team."

Jonathan Kerry adds: "We have added the Spirituality work toPastoral Care to emphasise the need to integrate body, mind andspirit, caring for the whole person. Michaela Youngson is aminister who is very much in tune with developments in society andalso well grounded in the Church. She will bring a rich experienceof pastoral caring for people in all kinds of situation togetherwith a freshness and vitality in the ways she can guide andaccompany others on their Christian journey."

Michaela is married with two children. Her hobbies includemaking items with stained glass, writing poetry and walking. A bookof her poetry, prayers and reflections is due to be published in2005.