Methodist Church backs ecumenical day of prayer for Pakistan

The Methodist Church is supporting a day of prayer for Pakistan,taking place on August 6. The day of prayer is organised by thePakistan Asian Christian Welfare Association in Bradford.

The day of prayer is a response to attacks on Christians andchurches in Pakistan, but the organisers want people to also focuson a wider range of concerns. The day of prayer has drawn widesupport from local and national churches and Christianorganisations.

The Revd Peter Whittaker, Chair of the Methodist West YorkshireDistrict, is one of the local church leaders backing the event. 'Animportant minority group with whom we work more and more in theWest Yorkshire District are Christians of Pakistani heritage,' hesays. 'They need our prayer support as they search for theiridentity in this society and as they seek to support otherChristians in Pakistan who are often under pressure, sufferingdiscrimination and even persecution.'

Dr Elizabeth Harris, Methodist Secretary for Inter Faith Relations,said, 'This day of prayer is important in highlighting thediscrimination faced by Christians in Pakistan. But many of thethings Christians will pray for on 6 August, such as harmonybetween faiths, political stability and freedom from terrorism,would benefit all Pakistanis. As Methodists, we are committed topraying for and supporting Christians wherever they suffer.'