Methodist Church calls for UN emergency food aid access into Gaza

The Methodist Church in Britain has urged for Gaza bordercrossings to be kept open so that emergency food aid can reachpeople in need.

The current crisis developed after Israeli troops entered Gaza todestroy a tunnel, killing a Hamas gunman. Since then, five morePalestinians have been killed by an Israeli airstrike andPalestinian militia have fired rockets into Israel.

Steve Hucklesby, Methodist Church Policy Adviser, said: "In recentyears Gaza's isolation has devastated the economy. The lifeline offood and fuel has become crucial and half of the population of Gazacurrently depends on UN food supplies.

"Palestinians have a right under international law to receiveessential humanitarian aid. We appeal to the UK and EU to exertpressure on Israel to ensure that the border crossings are keptopen. We must hope for progress on dialogue in the coming months.The additional tension created by military incursions into Gazamakes this more difficult."

This year Methodist Conference adopted a motion calling onMethodists to write to their MPs and MEPs to demand urgent actionto alleviate the humanitarian crisis facing the people of Gaza andto pray for peace and justice for all God's people in the HolyLand.