Methodist Church launches alternative credit card for Lent

The Methodist Church is encouraging people to buy less andlive more this Lent, with their new alternative Buy Less: Live Morecredit card.

The card cannot be used to make purchases, but is designed to beplaced in a wallet in front of other credit and debit cards toremind people to think twice before they spend. Buy Less: Live Moreaims to challenge people to curb their spending and shrink theircarbon footprint.

The Revd Michaela Youngson, Methodist Secretary for Pastoral Careand Spirituality, says, 'When we take time to think about thethings we buy and why we buy them, it can help us to reconsider ourpriorities. I may well want to buy something, but does that meanthat I need it? But Buy Less: Live More isn't about deprivingyourself of those things you want; it's about looking at life in anew way, trying different things and taking a few risks. So as wellas reducing your carbon footprint by getting off the consumertreadmill, you can live life in all its fullness.'

The initiative is supported by a website ( www.buylesslivemore.org.uk)and a dedicated group on popular networking site Facebook. DuringLent people who sign up will receive a daily email with 2challenges or ideas for buying less and living more. These updateswill also be available on the website and Facebook group. Peoplewill be able to share their experiences online, swapping stories,questions and advice.

Notes 1. Buy less: Live More credit cards can be ordered in packsof 10 from mph (www.mph.org.uk, 01733 325002) forfree, with a small charge for postage. Product Code: PA 512. 2.Press photos of the Buy Less: Live More credit card are availablehere and here.