Methodist Church launches first ebook

The Methodist Church has launched its first ebook as its renewedemphasis on discipleship continues to gather momentum. The book,Discipleship and the People Called Methodists, will be available todownload for free from www.methodist.org.uk inboth the epub format that can be used on many ebook readers and themobi format for the Amazon Kindle.

At the same time, the printed version of the book has just beenreprinted again and now has over 19,000 copies incirculation.

The book's author, the Revd Dr Martyn Atkins, General Secretary ofthe Methodist Church, says "Discipleship is about transforming theworld as well as ourselves, and I'm delighted that the Methodistpeople are really taking this emphasis on discipleship to heart.The demand for this book in its print version shows that as aChurch we are really keen to explore what discipleship means andhow we can become better disciples together, and the ebook versionwill enable more people to join in."

The Methodist Church has already designated 2011 as Year of theBible as part of the discipleship programme, and isenthusiastically backing the ecumenical BibleFresh campaign. Thiswill run throughout 2011 as churches across Britain celebrate 400years of the King James Bible, and so far over a dozen Methodistdistricts have signed up to put on BibleFresh festivals across thecountry, with more still at the planning stage.

Says Martyn: "There are many different ways to 'do discipleship'.This book is one way to get started, and we also have the Inspirenetwork that is reenergising discipleship amongst local churchleaders. I'm so excited that Methodists are looking to theopportunities offered by BibleFresh in 2011 to deepen our biblicaldiscipleship, and also that we're part of the More Than Goldinitiative that will offer many ways to practice our discipleshipduring the Olympic and Paralympics Games in 2012."