Methodist Church launches Mexico flood appeal

The Methodist Church has launched an emergency appeal forfunds following the devastating floods that have swept throughSouth Mexico in the wake of the heaviest rains to hit the countryfor 40 years.

The Church's Fund for World Mission has already pledged asolidarity grant of £7,500 towards the appeal and charity MethodistRelief and Development Fund (MRDF) has offered £5,000 to assistrelief work.

The extent of the flooding is massive with the states of Tabascoand Veracruz particularly affected. At least 500,000 people havebeen made homeless and are facing the destruction of their cropsand outbreaks of disease.

Revd Thomas Quenet, World Church Officer for Americas and theCaribbean, says; 'The full extent of this tragedy is yet to beseen, but we do know that thousands of people will be faced withrebuilding their lives from scratch. We are encouraging people tooffer whatever support they can, not only with their pockets, butalso with their prayers.'

Those wishing to support the appeal can send cheques, made payableto The Methodist Church Fund to World Mission, to Mexico FloodAppeal, World Church Relationships Office, Methodist Church House,25 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5JR.

People can also give securely online at www.justgiving.com/mexicoflood.This is part of the Church's new easy-to-use online giving facilitythrough www.justgiving.com. UK taxpayers can even GiftAid their donations, offering the appeal anextra 28% of their donation at no extra cost to them.