Methodist Church paving the ‘way forward’ in Inter Faith relations

Faith Meeting Faith, a new publication aiming tocounter fears about relating to other religions, and pave the wayforward in Inter Faith relations, will be launched at the MethodistConference next week.

The 72-page booklet reflects on the questions Christians areasking, such as 'is Britain ceasing to be a Christian country?' and'can Christians pray and worship together with people of otherfaiths?' Thirty questions are considered andexplored, before suggestions are made for the best 'waysforward'.

Organising visits to the places of worship of people of otherfaiths, taking action to improve the human rights of people ofevery background, and even reading an English translation of theQur'an, are some of the proposed ways forward.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, recommended thehandbook by saying: "An impressive feature of Faith MeetingFaith is the sensitivity and intelligence with which thediversity of views among Christians about key issues isacknowledged. All Christians should find that their views andconcerns are taken seriously here; equally, all should find thatthey are challenged to think afresh."

Dr Elizabeth Harris, Secretary for Inter Faith Relations at TheMethodist Church, explained further: "The deepest challenges to theway we communicate our faith in word and action will come fromtaking seriously the context in which we are set in twenty-firstcentury Britain. Part of that context is the growth in religiousdiversity. Faith Meeting Faith is not about what people ofother religions believe or worship, but about a how we, asChristians can engage and be 'present' in contemporaryculture."

She continued: "Christians can't ignore the faiths of otherpeople around them. Do we want society to be full of tensions, ordo we want to live harmoniously in a religiously diverse society?Faith Meeting Faith is written for Christians byChristians in order to help us discover the right ways forward forinter faith relations."