Methodist Church prays for peace and justice in Iraq

The President of the Methodist Conference, the RevIan White, and the Vice President, Professor Peter Howdle, havemade the following joint statement:

"On behalf of the Methodist Church, we wish to support entirelythe faith leaders, Christian, Muslim and Jewish, who met at LambethPalace today.

The prayers of the Methodist people are for peace and justice -in Iraq and across the world. We urge that everything possible willbe done to minimise the loss of life in the conflict in Iraq.

We are especially mindful of all those who are directly involvedin the fighting, on both sides; and of their families and friends.Our hearts go out to the relatives of those who have lost theirlives in the early hours of military action. Methodist ministerswho are serving as chaplains in all three of the Armed Services areespecially close to our hearts as they exercise a particularlydemanding ministry.

We shall not cease to pray for the Prime Minister and allmembers of the Government. We call upon our political leadersto:

  • achieve their military aims with theminimum possible loss of life and damage to Iraq's cities andvillages;
  • work with the United Nations, aid agenciesand all interested political groups to support at the earliestpossible time a new administration in Iraq which has the consent ofthe peoples of Iraq and which promises stability and hope in theregion; and
  • declare a renewed commitment on behalf ofHer Majesty's Government to support and strengthen the work of theUnited Nations Security Council.

The military action in Iraq hasconsequences here in Britain. The Methodist Church makes clear itscontinuing commitment to do all in its power to promote goodcommunity relations everywhere, and especially where Christian,Muslim and Jewish people live in close proximity to oneanother."

FaithLeaders' Statement from Lambeth Palace

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