Methodist Church sends funds to Church of Pakistan following suicide-bomb attack

As an act of solidarity to the Church of Pakistan, the MethodistChurch in Britain has granted the Diocese of Peshawar £5000 fromthe World Mission Fund. The grantis intended to help the victims of the tragic suicide-bomb attackthat took place at the All Saints Church of Peshawar on Sunday, 22September, killing 81 people and leaving over 120 wounded.

The twin suicide-bomb attack against worshippers at the nineteenthcentury All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan, was reported asone of the worst-ever attacks on a minority religious group withinthe country. Following the tragedy, many Christians took to thestreets in demonstration and outrage against the lack of protectionof religious minorities within the country.  On 27 September,19 people were killed when a bomb planted on a bus carryinggovernment officials exploded in Peshawar. On the following Sunday,29 September, 42 people died when a car bomb went off in the samecity, just meters from All Saints Church.

Steve Pearce, Partnership Coordinator for Asia and the Pacific,said: "Christians and Muslims live in harmony in many communitiesin Pakistan, but atrocities like the bomb blasts at All SaintsChurch in Peshawar raise a level of fear among the Christians, whoform less than 2 per cent of the population. It is important thatthe Christian community knows that we are remembering them inprayer and that we have made the effort to send money to help thosewho are injured and those who have lost their family breadwinner.This grant has been made possible by the generosity of theMethodist people who have donated to the World Mission Fund."

Steve will be in Pakistan from the 14 -20 October visiting theDiocese of Raiwind and the Diocese of Multan. The Diocese of Multanis linked with the West Yorkshire District, which has partnered inprayers of solidarity with the victims of the attack since it tookplace.

Steve added: "My visit this week is a visible sign of ourcommitment to our Partner Church, the Church of Pakistan, arepresentation of our solidarity as a worldwide Christian familyand a commitment to ongoing partnership."

The Methodist Church's solidarity grant will be used to enable theDiocese of Peshawar to offer further physical and psychologicalhealing to the victims of the attacks and offer compensation totheir families who have suffered immense trauma and loss.