Methodist Church signs Climate Covenant

The Methodist Church, four years on from the adoption of itsEnvironmental Policy, has signed Operation Noah s ClimateCovenant.

The Covenant commits the Methodist Church to take action againstglobal warming.  It has already begun to take effect, and theChurch is currently assembling a nationwide network of GreenApostles to tackle environmental issues.

Operation Noah, endorsed by The Methodist Conference in June,aims to show how the Gospel calls us to care for creation and foreach other, and asks churches and individuals to petition localcouncils, MPs, and world leaders to protect the climate.

It will be formally launched at the Rainbow Pilgrimagein Coventry on the 9th October, which will combine a conferenceheld in Methodist Central Hall, a city-centre procession, and aCathedral service involving local schoolchildren.

Steve Hucklesby, Secretary for International Affairs at TheMethodist Church, said: Few people deny that climate change isbecoming a reality yet the predictions about global warming havefailed to spur politicians into action.  Operation Noah is anopportunity for us to show that we care.  The situation isurgent.  Even if we ceased releasing carbon dioxide into theatmosphere today, global temperatures are still likely to risebecause of the damage that has been done already.  For thesake of our children and our children s children we need to move toa low carbon economy quickly.

He continued: Over the coming years Operation Noah, working withchurches and community groups, aims to bring all sectors of societytogether to act against climate change.  With a host ofresources and ideas, such as educational materials and a volunteerhelpline, Operation Noah is well placed to empower communities,churches and individuals to build a clean and just economy.