Methodist Church welcomes Covenant report

The annual Methodist Conference has received the first reportfrom the Joint Implementation Commission (JIC) on theAnglican-Methodist Covenant. The Covenant was signed in November2003 between the Methodist Church and the Church of England, andthe JIC report is the first opportunity the churches have had toreview progress in the implementation of the Covenant sincethen.

The JIC report Ð entitled In the Spirit of the Covenant Ð containsmany examples the ways in which, in every part of both churches,there is lively and positive working together.

The Revd David Deeks, General Secretary of The Methodist Church,said, 'The aim of this report is both to celebrate what theCovenant has already achieved, and to stimulate discussion, prayerand action on what more our churches and peoples can do together.We will continue to explore what Covenant means, and to find waysthat we can work together with our brothers and sisters in Christin the Church of England.'

The JIC will make a further report to both the Methodist Conferenceand the General Synod of the Church of England in 2008.

The Revd Peter Sulston, Methodist co-convenor of the JIC said, 'inPriorities for The Methodist Church we say that we will work inpartnership with others wherever possible, and we celebrate all thelinks and projects we share with other churches. But the Covenantis a particularly significant partnership. It is alreadydemonstrating how two separate churches can work effectivelytogether for the sake of our common mission. It is also providing aframework for re-energising the historic links between Methodismand the Church of England. I hope that I hope that in every part ofboth churches we will take the stories and suggestions in thereport to heart, and be inspired to discover further ways ofimplementing the Covenant and growing together again.'