Methodist Climate Cyclist arrives in Copenhagen

Ben Bradley has cycled 140 miles to the United Nations climatechange summit at Copenhagen, with a group organised by ChristianAid.

Ben, Events Coordinator for the Methodist Church, has spent thelast three days travelling with a team of 28 Christian Aid cycliststo bring a simple message to world leaders in Copenhagen: It's notraining, it's pouring - time to act on climate change.

Last month, a survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of the MethodistChurch showed that around 1 in 5 people are using cars less infavour of other forms of transport such as cycling. It also showedthat around one in 20 people are flying less.

On arriving in Copenhagen, Ben said: "We may all be tired fromcycling, but in an important sense, the real journey starts here.It's make or break time - at Copenhagen it is essential that ourleaders make some hard choices and decide on real action for thefuture of our planet." People can find out more about Ben's journeyby visiting his blog: www.climatecycleride.blogspot.com.

The cyclists will join a mass rally in Copenhagen today, lobbyingworld leaders to take bold action and make real commitments totackle climate change. While in Copenhagen, Ben also plans todeliver a letter of solidarity from the President of the BritishMethodist Conference to a church representative fromBangladesh.

The Methodist Church, the Baptist Union of Great Britain and theUnited Reformed Church have urged the European Union to agree cutsof at least 40% below 1990 levels by 2020 and for these cuts to bemade without extensive use of carbon offsets. The three churcheshave produced a report and study guide called Hope in God's Future.The booklet, available from Methodist Publishing (www.mph.org.uk), takes the readeron a journey using the changing mood of a worship service as aframework for considering climate change and our impact on theplanet.