Methodist Conference backs Youth Conference resolutions

The Methodist Conference, meeting in Scarborough, hasendorsed a number of resolutions brought by the Youth Conference.Amongst other things, these call on the Church to campaign tohighlight the plight of the Burmese people, and to investigate howlocal churches can address the issues that lead to violence amongyoung people, including knife crime.

Other Youth Conference resolutions passed by the main Conferencecalled for more Bibles to be available to give away to newChristians, and to recognise the pressures on young peopleundertaking local preacher training, especially when combined withother educational commitments.

Four Youth Conference representatives are in Scarborough as fullvoting members of the Methodist Conference, which is just one partof the Church's ongoing and increasing commitment to involvingyoung people at the very heart of decision-making. Anotherexpression of this is the Youth Participation Strategy thatConference was agreed on Wednesday. This will be a multi-yearinvestment in involving a network of young people in many aspectsof Church life.

Sarah Tomes, a Youth Conference representative at Scarborough,said "these are things that are very important to us, and it meansa lot to have Conference's support. Some people say that youngpeople are the future of the Church, but we are part of it and havelot to offer right now."