Methodist Conference elects new President and Vice President Designate

The Revd David Gamble has been elected President Designateof the Methodist Conference for 2009-2010, and Dr Richard Vautreyhas been elected Vice President Designate.

David is currently Coordinating Secretary for Legal andConstitutional Practice handling issues ranging from discipline tothe safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. He served as aminister in two North Yorkshire Circuits, Tadcaster and York(South), before becoming Children's Secretary for the Division ofEducation and Youth and then General Secretary for the Division. Hehas also been the Church's Secretary for Pastoral Care and PersonalRelationships addressing family concerns such as divorce anddomestic violence.

David's vision is of a church that is outward looking, engaged inwider society, willing to challenge injustice wherever it occurs,passionately committed to those who are or feel excluded. Davidsays; 'I feel honoured to be elected for this role and hope to helpthe Church to answer the questions the people are asking aboutissues that matter to them in all areas of life. The Church has torespond to peoples needs and concerns if we are ever to speak truthin a mixed-up world'.

Richard Vautrey is a GP in Leeds and the Deputy Chair of theBritish Medical Association's GP committee with extensive mediaexperience. He is a medical advisor for the Connexional Team andhas served as a mission partner in Nigeria. He believes that thereis a need for the church to get better at communicating the gospelmessage in ways that all can understand.

Richard says; 'It is a great privilege to be elected by theConference to serve the Church in this way. I believe the Churchhas a key role in publicly challenging matters of injustice andinequality, as well as leading the debate on modern ethicalquestions. I am also passionate about the vital role thatvolunteers and lay people play in the Church and as Vice PresidentI will be seeking to address how we can better empower and equiplay people for leadership roles in the Church'

David and Richard will be inducted as President and Vice Presidentas the first items of business at the 2009 Methodist Conference,which will meet in Wolverhampton from July 2-9.