Methodist Conference hears call for exam stress relief

Following an enthusiastic debate, the Methodist Conferencehas voted for resolutions calling for better understanding of examstress faced by young people. The resolutions, brought by theChildren and Youth Assembly, also called for space in churches forchildren and young people to raises issues without fear of beingjudged. 

The Methodist Children and Youth Assembly meets annuallyas the 3Generate event, which brings together children and youngpeople aged 8-23 from across Great Britain. Time to discuss theChildren and Youth Assembly resolutions is then part of the annualMethodist Conference, which is the governing body of theChurch. 

Two of the resolutions dealt with exam stress, asking thewhole Church to be aware of the pressures faced during examperiods; and also that key events for children and young people inthe church are not scheduled in the run up to exams.

The resolutions also called for the whole Church torecognise the value in having a space for children and young peopleraise, discuss and explore important questions without fear ofbeing judged. They also made sure that the voices of young peoplewill heard as the Church discusses human sexuality andunderstandings of chastity.  

Hayley Moss, Methodist Youth President for 2012-13, said:"3Generate is a great time of fun, worship and learning, but theseresolutions also show the breadth of serious discussion that goeson. Each generation faces its own challenges, but  youngMethodists are deeply engaged with the current and future life ofthe Church."




  1. The full report can be downloaded here. 
  2. More information about 3Generate 2013 can be found here.