Methodist delight at Bolivia appointment

The Methodist Church of Great Britain has written tocongratulate the appointment of Casimira Rodriguez Romero asBolivia's Minister of Justice. The Rev Tom Quenet, World ChurchSecretary for the Americas, wrote to Bishop Carlos Poma of TheMethodist Church in Bolivia to express delight at the news.

Casimira Rodriguez Romero is a well-known human rights activistwithin Bolivia, and has campaigned for decades among low-paidindigenous people to secure employments right and protection fromdiscrimination. She lead the successful campaign to have theHousehold Worker Law to the Bolivian Congress, and in 2003 wasawarded the World Methodist Peace Award. She is an active member ofthe Emmanuel Methodist Church in Bolivia.

The full text of Tom Quenet's letter follows:

'Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord.

'I would like to take this opportunity to express the MethodistChurch in Britain's deepest joy for the appointment of sisterCasimira Rodriguez Romero as Bolivia's Minister of Justice.

'We pray that God will guide sister Casimira in the challengesposed by such a significant role so that the Bolivian people,through their leader Evo Morales, can walk with firmness anddignity towards a more just and prosperous future.

'We would also like to congratulate the Methodist Church in Boliviafor the life and ministry of sister Casimira at this historicaltime for the recognition of the rights of the indigenous people inBolivia and the struggle to combat social inequality. We trust thather faith and experience as leader of the National Federation ofHousehold Workers, her fight for human rights and for peace willenrich and exalt the Bolivian people as well as the Methodistpeople in the construction and service of the Kingdom of God.'