Methodist Homelessness and Housing Gathering

08 April 2024

In Birmingham on 8 May, Methodists from across the UK will explore the why, the what and the how to tackle the national homelessness and housing crisis.

The crisis is stark and there are specific pressures at the moment because of a large number of Home Office decisions followed by immediate eviction from accommodation and because of a continued failure on the part of government to end No-Fault Section 21 evictions.

The Methodist Homelessness and Housing Gathering will be an all-day event with a range of speakers from within the Church and from the housing world (including from Hope into Action, Housing Justice, Resonance, Homes England and Greater Manchester Combined Authority) who will provide inspiration and knowledge on using church property for truly affordable and supported housing and on providing emergency support.

Meeting in person will give us the chance to meet Methodists from other parts of the country who also wish to play their part in tackling the housing and homelessness crisis. We will explore four questions together:

Why should The Methodist Church help tackle the homelessness and housing crisis?

How can we deliver truly affordable and supported housing?

What have we done so far?

What could our next steps be to tackle the homelessness and housing crisis in our own areas?

We will be able to hear about what Methodist churches are doing locally as part of our calling to serve the community. There will be case studies from York, London, Wales, Manchester, Keswick and Leeds and it will be great to hear about other examples on the day.

If you have any interest in homelessness and housing you really need to be with us on 8 May!

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Methodist Homelessness and Housing Gathering

Wednesday, 8 May 2024 The Church at Carrs Lane, Birmingham 10 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.