Methodist media officer moves on

It is announced today that Murray White, Media Relations Officerfor the Methodist Church in Britain for the past three years, is tostep down from his post at the end of February.

Murray and his wife Helen have decided to move to Tanzania for aperiod to pursue some development work and freelance writing.Murray has been on the staff of the Methodist Communication Officesince 1997, first as publications and website editor, before takingon the media brief in 2001.

The Rev David Deeks, Methodist General Secretary, said: "Murrayhas helped Methodist Church leaders to take seriously the interfacebetween church and society, and has helped us to build trust inboth directions."

Murray White said: "It has been a privilege to work with theMethodist Church in developing its communication channels. Aspossibly the first Roman Catholic to be employed in a nationalMethodist post, I was aware of taking an ecumenical risk when Icame on board. But I shall take many positive elements of Methodismwith me on my ongoing journey.

"I want to thank the Presidents, Vice Presidents, GeneralSecretary and other church colleagues, as well as the manyjournalists and broadcasters who have been so willing to supportongoing and vital dialogue between church and media."

The Methodist Church will seek to make a new appointment in thenear future. Any interim arrangements will be announced nextmonth.